Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The pink purple dinosaur

Arghh ..... OK, work has been hectic. I am stressed to the MAX.
To bring sanity back to my life, retail therapy is essential.
One day, i stop at the MAC store to get something to soothe my tortured soul *literally*.
I'm amused because .... *shocking, shocking*
I got a pink & purple e/s!!
hehehehe ... ~

I stopped wearing other colour eyeshadows since i dont know when, the ONLY colour of eyeshadows i would wear are consists of Gold, Bronze, Brown colour family.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee gold, bronze & brown colours
**(noticed the gazillion 'e's, thats how deeply i'm in love with these colours).

So i guess, the almost near craziness experience has bring me closer to other colours.
(i desperately want Embark, but too bad that MAC Malaysia do not carry this particular colour, why ohhhh why?!!)

I would like to introduce you to my first O.C (other colour) e/s :-
Plum Dressing & Sushi Flower

**Plum Dressing (veluxe pearl)

Purple with pinkish purplish shimmer

**Sushi Flower (satin)
Light pink with slightly peach tone and gold & pink shimmer

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Recently i've made a few purchases (hard earned money well spent hehe..), highly recommended by Prince Jaquime a.k.a. Johan -- with stamp of approval from your highness as one of his essential weapon to create flawless skin on his clients - he uses KRYOLAN foundation stick.
**Psst...Being friends with makeup artist is so much fun than having boyfriends. LOL.

Lately i've been obsessed with contouring & highlighting - omg, once you get the hang of it, its not that hard to do but you'll need loads of practice to learn zee trick.
So trial and error is just part of the learning process.

Having a natural 'doraemon' face shape, contouring & highlighting does helps to tone down the roundness of me face.

After a week of usage.. This is ALMOST becoming my HG foundation, i know ... i know ... its too early to tell, but heck, it was so great, the color selection are awesome, they got like every frickin skin colour there is. You definitely be able find your 'SKINTONE' colour.
So say bye-bye to Gray Faces or my-face-darker-than-my-neck look.

This stuff means serious business.

Now i know, how those models look so good in pictures / in TV.
Grrrrrr... now ... i too can have my own fair share of those flawless skin .. hehe..
my preciousssssssss ~

I used it during the weekends, there are times when i sweated like a pig (most of my family members have hyperactive sweat glands - its genetic.. hahahaha), but when i took a peek at the mirror .. i still look as GOOD as i first applied it - (thanks to my KRYOLAN).
*rolls on the floor with joys*

The colour that Johan chooses for me was a dead on match with my skintone, it matched perfectly.
Even better than MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30.
SFF NC30 still look abit 'off' than my natural skintone - it came close but still not a total match like KRYOLAN FS38.

When i applied KRYOLAN TV PAINT STICK in FS38, i can't even tell whether i'm wearing foundation or not, it looks like my skin EXCEPT it looks even better, all traces of blemishes are gone. No Joke!
*tears of happiness* YAY!

Below are my latest purchases.


Consistency : Creme

Application method : using a damp wedge latex sponge

Coverage : Medium to Full Coverage

I don't know bout others but i love full coverage foundations, i guess i love the coverage that it gives, since i do have blemishes which want to cover, most concealer does not do the job (other than MAC Studio Finish). But piling on concealers may not give long lasting coverage, because after few hours, the concealer will wear off, hello to blemishes AGAIN ~ *double sigh*.
Live by my motto : More is better.

The thing that i love about KRYOLAN, i find the application is smooth using a damp sponge, the end result is not cakey or makes me look like a drag queen unlike what others might say.
I guess the key is to blend, blend and blend.

I find that i just need to use a little bit of it to cover my whole face so it'll lasts for quite sometime and its like super cheap, i bought each of it for only RM65 (partly because i was with Johan so the lady gave me cheaper prices - it was supposed to costs like RM75 each).
Btw, I bought my MAC Studio Fix Fluid for RM115 (yeah, if im not mistaken ...)

Well i didnt manage to snap pictures of me before and after the foundation or between the Studio Fix Fluid. Probably do that soon in my next entry.

Miracle in a stick (!)

For my base - FS38
My precious... *tee hee*..

Color Swatches on my hand.

**Sorry for the blurry pics taken with my Blackberry Bold 2mp camera phone so erm.. yeah i know it sucks, but due to limited resources i had to used the only camera that i have at the moment. hehe...

For contouring i uses 9W
(i first selected 'tan' but it was out of stock, '9w' came close to 'tan')

For highlighting purpose i uses, a white foundation in O70.
Just apply on places that i wanted to highlight like under the eyes, chin, bridge of the nose.
Not for the whole face, unless if ur planning to look like a chinese opera performer. lol.

Another purchase from KRYOLAN - translucent loose powder.
This stuff is like SUPER - SUPER SOFT (i had to repeat that twice, because this thing really is super soft) but i hate the baby powder smell though.

This loose powder is like the GODZILLA of loose powder.
Its HUGE!!!! ~ *gasp*
My MAC Loose powder - 8g / 0.28 US oz
KRYOLAN Translucent Powder - 60g / 2 oz
Both costs the same - RM80

*you do the math*

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This is probably the beginning of my relationship with KRYOLAN.
Going to check out their other stuff soon.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ahoy, pirates!

Yeah the infamous first entry.
What am i supposed to say other than, yes i hope i did 'it' right this time.
I dont seems to have the capabilities of permanently retained my other blogs, it just withers with time.
I hope my passion for shopping makeup products or i casually called it 'my beautifying products' (obviously, those stuff beautifies me.
haha.. should do a face comparison with and without makeup, then you get what i meant) would eventually helps me to retain a decent blog, with regular updated entries and things that i love to talk bout (i.e makeup / beauty products) .

My previous blogs entries was generally about nonsense, all kinds of crap, my daily activities which consists none of the fun stuff and so forth.
I guess nothing ever exciting happened other than my stagnant daily routine (which might be extremely boring to others, even for myself). Hence, i think thats why i had writers block or brain freeze or watever thus inability to update anything.

Today, im going to talk about.

This is definitely a (very) famous topic for all makeup junkies/addicts/lovers/i-cant-stop-shopping-for-makeup-coz-i-just-love-to-shop individuals/beauty hypochondriacs out there.
Well its a fave amongst ppl who just loves to know what other people are doing (have you ever wonder why reality shows are dang famous? Well we're just a bunch of natural born voyeurs whether you'll admit it or not) and its a hit amongst those who loves to show off on wat they got (go try google it / search vids in youtube)

well ... theres nothing wrong to FLAUNT WHAT YA MOMMA GAVE U..* literally*

Since i love voyeurs but not perve.. i might as well make the masses happy and make their day.

So dear voyeurs,
Yes, this is how my makeup bag looks like and its contents..

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. btw, theres like 4 items which i didn't include in the pics

1) Foundation : MAC studio fix.
2) Powder : MAC Blot Pressed.
3) Brush : MAC 187 stipling brush. This stuff is the BEST EVER!!
4) Powder : MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural - Medium.

Too lazy to upload the pics above due to crappy internet connection with snail phase. Ugh.

Paying a frickin RM110 per month for wat?!

wat i get a shitty internet connection. *sigh*